Welcome to Italy

Top cities in Italy

Italy is the second most visited country in the world after France, with more than 79.6 million tourists a year in 2015. Rich by its art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture, Italy is a hot pick in Europe for 2nd homes in the sun. We have selected a list of the most attractive cities in Italy to make your choice easier. No matter whether you prefer a hustle and bustle of city living or quietness of the sea shore - you’ll definitely find your ideal home in Italy.

Great for business, shopping and lifestyle
Great for parks, museums and history
Great for culture and ancient heritage sites
Great for palaces, squares and churches
Great for wine, food and sports

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Amazing Italian Islands

If you would like to find paradise on Earth you should surely opt for Sardinia and Sicily lying in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. They offer not only major tourist attractions like sandy beaches, breathtaking views and ancient architecture, but also decent properties for reasonable price. When it comes to relocating or buying a holiday home, Italian Island would be a recommended destination to choose.

Great for sea food, bays and stunning views
Great for sandy beaches and mediterranean cuisine